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If you have worked in Germany and paid into the pension scheme, you may be eligible to have your contributions cashed out all at once. Find out here if you qualify for the pension refund and how you can get your money back.

If you live in Munich or in any other city in Germany, you must deregister when you leave the country

Abmeldung: How to deregister in Germany

Some of the most important things you'll need to do include officially deregistering your residence (Abmeldung) and terminating various contracts, such as your health insurance, internet, electricity, gas and mobile phone contracts. You may also want to set up a mail forwarding order, deregister your vehicle and business, and please also keep in mind to stop paying the German broadcasting fees (GEZ) and child benefits.
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Return to Germany after receiving a Pension Refund

It's crucial to note that once you've received a refund of your contributions, your affiliation with the German state pension insurance scheme is completely terminated. Because of this, it's essential to seek comprehensive advice before requesting a pension refund in the first place, as, for people wanting to return to Germany, awaiting a future pension might prove more advantageous.
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