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How do I Claim my German Pension?

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If you work in Germany as an employee, you „earn“ e.g. by paying your contributions so-called pension points (‘Rentenpunkte’). They are the basis for the amount of your public pension in retirement. To estimate how much your public pension is currently worth, you need to know the number of your accumulated points.

The German Pension system can be quite tricky, as it requires a lot of paperwork to be submitted in good order. With our Pension Application Assistant, you can easily apply for your retirement benefits online.

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Our team of experts will handle the pension application for you. We not only fill out all the necessary forms for you, but also handle all communication with the German pension insurance. We check your insurance record and close any gaps.

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Use our Pension Check to see if you qualify for the German state pensions.

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We apply for an insurance record and check your insurance periods for possible gaps. If there are any, we will close them. This will help you get the pension you are entitled to.

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We will estimate how much pension you are approx. entitled to and provide you with a free, personalized offer for claiming your pension.


If you decide to entrust us with your pension claim, you will be required to pay 50% of the service fee in advance. The cost of an external lawyer is included in the price. If the claim is successful, you will pay the remaining 50% of the service fee. If the claim is rejected, you will get ALL of your money back. More information.

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Claiming your German pension: The Process

Apply for your German state pension today. Online, automated, and hassle-free.

Pension Check

Free Pension & Insurance Record Check

Use our free check to see if you are eligible for the retirement benefits in Germany. We will then request a free insurance record and check your insurance periods.

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Pension Calculation & Personalized Offer

Once we have checked your insurance periods, we will estimate how much monthly and annual pension you are approx. entitled to. We will then provide you with a personalized offer for your pension claim. If there are any gaps in the insurance periods, we will close those with your support.

Pension Refund Germany

Online Process and English Support

If you choose to entrust your pension claim to us, our team of experts will guide you through the process of claiming your pension. No stress, no need to speak German, and no matter where you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t let language barriers or bureaucratic hurdles hold you back. Let us help you make the most of your hard-earned contributions. Contact us today and take the first step toward a worry-free retirement!

The German pension system in a nutshell

The German pension system is based on three main pillars: the state pension, occupational pensions and private pension plans.

To ensure the long-term sustainability and affordability of the pension system, the German government has implemented several reforms since 2002 in response to an aging population and growing pension obligations. These reforms include a gradual increase in the statutory retirement age, the introduction of the Riester and Rürup pensions, and a reduction in the maximum state pension.

The primary source of funding for the German public pension system is mandatory contributions from both employees and employers. This funding mechanism ensures the stability of the system and facilitates the provision of pensions to retirees.

Who qualifies for the retirement benefits in Germany?

To qualify for a German state pension, you must have worked in Germany for at least five years and paid into the social security system. Certain states have different rules, so you may need to work much fewer months in Germany to qualify for a pension. You must also have reached the legal retirement age to qualify for a pension.

How much does the pension application with Fundsback cost?

At Fundsback, we understand that navigating pension claims can be very complex. Our pricing system is designed to make it fair and risk-free for our clients. Here’s how it works:

Initial payment:

When you decide to entrust your pension claim to Fundsback, you will be required to make an initial payment of 50% of the service fee, which is €594. This payment is due in advance and serves as a commitment to start the claim process on your behalf.

Legal representation is included:

Our service fee includes the cost of hiring an outside attorney to handle your claim professionally and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about additional legal fees because everything is covered in the initial service fee.

Claim Outcome:

  • If the claim is successful: Congratulations! Once your claim is approved and you receive the amount you’re entitled to, you’ll be responsible for paying the remaining 50% of the service fee. That’s a total of 1188€. This payment is only due if you achieve a successful outcome.
  • If the claim is denied: In the unfortunate event that your pension claim is denied, don’t worry. You will receive a full refund of the initial 50% payment you made in advance. This means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay anything.

Our pricing system is designed to align our interests with yours. We are committed to working diligently on your behalf to secure your pension claim. You only pay the full service fee if you achieve a successful outcome, and if the claim is unsuccessful, you won’t lose any money. Fundsback is here to help you navigate the pension claim process with confidence and transparency.

When will I reach retirement age in Germany?

In response to demographic changes, Germany has revised its retirement age, which is now 67 for those born after January 1, 1964. Special rules apply to early retirement, people with disabilities, and certain occupations such as miners, with age requirements tailored to the circumstances of each group.

Early retirement benefits can be taken at age 63, provided the individual has accumulated at least 35 years of eligible pension contributions.

How much is the German state pension?

The amount of the German state pension you’ll receive is calculated based on your cumulative contributions throughout your career. For each year of contributions at the average earnings level of all contributors (which will be €43,142 in 2023), you will earn one “pension point” (Entgeltpunkt). When you reach retirement age, the total number of pension points you’ve earned will be used to determine your pension benefit.

From January 1, 2021, people who have worked for many years and earned less than the average can apply for a basic pension supplement. This supplement will provide an average of 86 euros per month.

How to calculate the retirement benefits in Germany?

There are several factors that contribute to the calculation of your German old age pensions:

  • Pension Points: For each year of employment and contributions to the National Pension Scheme, you accumulate pension points. The number of these points depends on your gross income. An average income corresponds to one pension point, while the maximum annual limit for 2022 is 2.17 points.
  • Access Factor: The access factor depends on your retirement age compared to the Normal Retirement Age, which is 67 for those born after 1966. Choosing to retire at 67 results in an access factor of 1. If you choose to retire early, the factor decreases by 0.003 points per month, while postponing retirement increases it by 0.005 points per month.
  • Pension Value: The annuity value is the monetary equivalent of a single annuity point and is adjusted annually. In 2022, the pension value will be €36.02 for West Germany and €35.52 for East Germany.
  • Pension Type Factor: It’s worth noting that this factor varies depending on the type of pension you’re entitled to, whether it’s a standard retirement pension, disability pension, widow(er)’s pension, or orphan’s pension.

To calculate your monthly pension, you can use the following formula:

Monthly Pension = Pension Points × Access Factor × Current Pension Value × Pension Type Factor

6 Facts about the German Pensions

  • Once you reach the official retirement age in Germany, you can access your state and private pension benefits even if you live outside of Germany.
  • Foreigners who have contributed to the German pension system but move to another country may still be able to receive their pension benefits from abroad.
  • If you do not qualify for a German state pension, you may be able to apply for a refund of your pension contributions before you reach retirement age.
  • It is possible to receive pension benefits from two different countries, especially if you have worked and contributed to pension plans in both countries.
  • Regular monitoring of your German pension account is essential.
  • It’s important to check the accuracy of life events such as unemployment, child-rearing and education in your records, as these can affect your pension benefits.

Are my documents secure when using your service?

Security is our top priority. All documents are securely transmitted to the German pension authorities through reliable channels, eliminating concerns about important paperwork getting lost in international mail.

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