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If you work in Germany as an employee, you receive so-called pension points (‘Rentenpunkte’). They are the basis for the amount of your public pension in retirement. To estimate how much your public pension is currently worth, you need to know the number of your accumulated points.

The German Pension system can be quite tricky, as it requires a lot of paperwork to be submitted in good order. With our Pension Application Assistant, you can easily apply for your retirement benefits.

Make use of our expertise in German pension matters

Our Team of Experts will guide you through the complicated laws and social security agreements, prepare all the necessary documents and manage the communication with the German Pension Insurance.

Pension Calculation

We evaluate the exact amount of the pension you will get.

Plan your Retirement

We clarify the exact date from which you are entitled to receive your retirement benefits.

Apply Online and Get your Retirement Benefits

Our expert team will guide you through the application process to claim your pension. Without stress, no matter where you are currently.

  • Digital Processing: simple, fast, and secure
  • Expert-checked Documents
  • Legal protection
  • Guidance through the entire Process
  • Multilingual Support
  • Hassle-free Bureaucracy

Claiming Retirement Benefits: The Process

Apply for your German retirement benefits today. Online, digital, and hassle-free.

Pension Check
Pension Calculator

We evaluate how many pension points you have already accumulated and how high your public pension will be based on this.

Pension Refund Germany
Plan your Retirement

We evaluate the insurance history to determine the reimbursement claim against the German Pension Insurance and show the possible courses of action.

Pension Refund Germany
Pension Application

We take care of all the necessary steps. to submit your retirement benefit application. Our team of experts prepares all the necessary documents and manages the communication with the German Pension Insurance.

Best Reasons To Choose Our Services

We understand the complex and ever-changing regulations governing the German pension system and have the expertise to navigate the process on your behalf. Our team of friendly and competent experts is here to help you every step of the way!


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