Pension reimbursement for professional athletes and employees

The Fundsback team has successfully assisted numerous non-EU expatriates who have resided and worked in Germany in reclaiming their paid pension contributions from the German Pension Insurance Association.

From its inception, Fundsback has stood as a trusted ally to professional soccer players originating from countries such as Brazil, Peru, Ghana, the USA, and even national soccer players from Japan, helping them with the reimbursement of their German pension contributions. Furthermore, it isn’t just football stars who benefit; numerous professional basketball players from the USA and Canada have also leveraged Fundsback’s expertise to navigate this process.

Pension reimbursement for professional athletes and employees

But it´s not only interesting for professional athletes. 

All non-EU employees stationed in Germany have the right to reclaim the statutory pension contributions they automatically paid once they depart from Germany and either return to their native countries or move outside the European Union.

It’s a significant issue, with the estimated lost entitlements for potential claimants amounting to hundreds of millions of euros. Germany is a global hub that attracts workers from all corners of the globe, and the majority eventually repatriate.

There are two prevailing challenges that deter potential claimants

Firstly, many remain unaware of their entitlement to a premium refund upon their departure from Germany. Secondly, the application procedure with the German Pension Insurance Association is notoriously intricate.

This complexity often discourages many from pursuing their rightful claims, as they find the bureaucratic paperwork daunting.

For those keen on understanding the prerequisites and determining their eligibility for a pension refund in Germany, we recommend delving into our comprehensive article titled “Who can get a pension refund when leaving Germany” about this topic.

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