US Citizens’ Eligibility for German Pension Refund, and its Impact on U.S. Benefits

As an American citizen who has worked in Germany, understanding the intricacies of pension refund eligibility and its impact on U.S. benefits is paramount. The contributions made to the German pension scheme during your employment represent a significant aspect of the German social security system. However, the process of claiming a refund of these contributions and comprehending how it affects your U.S. benefits can be complex and daunting.

In this article, we delve into the essential details of German pension refund eligibility for American citizens and shed light on the implications for U.S. benefits. 

Whether you’re considering claiming a German pension refund or wish to understand intergovernmental agreements regarding social security between Germany and the U.S., this guide aims to provide clarity and guidance to ensure you make informed decisions regarding your financial future.

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German Pension Refund Eligibility for American Citizens

As an American citizen living and working in Germany, approximately 9% of your monthly taxable income is paid directly into the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Germany’s statutory pension insurance. It’s worth noting that these contributions aren’t solely shouldered by you, as your employer pays additional contributions to your social security benefits.

However, once you’ve concluded your employment in Germany, the question arises: what becomes of these contributions? Can you reclaim them?

The reimbursement of pension contributions from the German Pension Insurance is governed by the German Social Security Code (§210 SGB VI), with specific provisions outlined in the Social Security Agreement between Germany and the United States of America, tailored to address your situation as an American citizen. This agreement delineates the conditions under which you can seek reimbursement and the procedures involved in reclaiming your contributions.

Now, as you contemplate your next steps post-employment in Germany, understanding the process and criteria for claiming a German pension refund is essential. As an American citizen, you may be eligible for a refund of your pension contributions if certain conditions are met.

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General Criteria for Refund Eligibility:

After leaving Germany, you are generally entitled to a German pension refund if...

a) you are not allowed to continue paying German pension contributions (voluntary insurance/ freiwillige Versicherung) where you currently live


b) at least 24 months have passed since you last paid statutory pension contributions in Germany.

Whether you are allowed to pay voluntary insurance (a) depends on the social security agreement with your home country.

You are generally not entitled if

a) You qualify for pension benefits or are receiving a German retirement pension

b) You are (still) paying statutory pension contributions or are liable for compulsory insurance in Germany

c) You are allowed to voluntarily contribute to the German pension scheme (freiwillige Versicherung)

Rule of thumb for the eligibility for German pension refund for US American citizens:

As an American citizen, you can only get a German pension refund if you have worked in Germany for less than 5 years (i.e. you have paid German pension contributions for a maximum of 59 months) and 24 months have passed since your last pension contribution in Germany.

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Intergovernmental Agreements and their Implications for your social security benefits

The intergovernmental agreements between Germany and the USA regulate the transfer of social security benefits for US and German Citizens. 

Overall, the agreement states that as an American citizen living in Germany as a tax resident, you are entitled to a German retirement pension after 60 months of paid contributions.

Regarding voluntary contributions to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, the Social Security agreement states that you can continue to pay pension contributions to qualify for a statutory pension in Germany if you still live in the EU or the UK

However, if you have already paid contributions for at least 60 months, you can continue to pay German pension contributions from anywhere in the world.

This means that if you either live in the EU/UK or you have contributed to the German pension scheme for at least 60 months, you are not eligible to get a pension refund. This is because you have qualified for a German pension and, as a US citizen, you are allowed to make voluntary contributions (whether you use them or not).

If you have not qualified for a pension and live outside the EU or UK, you may be eligible for a pension refund 24 months after your last contribution.

Assistance with the German Pension system

Your pension refund eligibility with our free eligibility check

When it comes to processing German pension refunds, it’s important to bear in mind the average processing time, which typically ranges from several months to over half a year. However, for those seeking a faster refund, specialist services such as Fundsback offer an accelerated refund process. At Fundsback we are known for our fast and efficient services, and take pride in helping you maximize your pension refund with expert guidance.

In addition, Fundsback offers valuable tools in the form of a free eligibility check and our practical refund calculator that allows you to easily determine your eligibility and estimate potential refund amounts. With our refund calculator tool, we aim to provide a transparent and user-friendly way for you to gain insight into your pension insurance history with the German pension fund and claim a pension refund.

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The Impact of German Pension Entitlement on U.S. Benefits

As we have discussed above, you may be entitled to a German pension. What’s less well known is the potential impact of a German pension on your US Social Security benefits. This is due to Section 113 of the Social Security Amendments of 1983 (Public Law 98-21), more commonly known as the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP).

Under the Windfall Elimination Provision, the US Social Security benefits you receive may be adjusted if you’re also receiving a German pension. However, you won’t normally be subject to this reduction if:

  • You’ve had 30 or more years of substantial earnings under US Social Security.
  • You qualify for U.S. benefits based solely on your U.S. work history (typically about 10 years of employment).
  • You qualify for German benefits based solely on your German work history (typically about 5 years of employment).
  • Your contributions in Germany were made before 1957.
  • Article 7(d) of the Final Protocol to the Social Security Agreement between the United States and Germany applies to you.

When does the WEP take effect on your social security benefits?

If the above conditions don’t apply to your situation, the WEP may apply, which could reduce your US Social Security benefits.

However, there’s a silver lining in the form of the WEP Guarantee. This ensures that the difference between your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) and the WEP-adjusted PIA won’t exceed half of your monthly non-Social Security pension from Germany.

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With Fundsback, maximizing your Social Security benefits in Germany becomes a straightforward and streamlined process. Our team at Fundsback provides expert guidance and assistance to American citizens navigating German pension refunds and their impact on US benefits. As the complexities of intergovernmental agreements, social security, and pension schemes can be overwhelming, seeking professional guidance can prove crucial to your peace of mind.

Fundsback specializes in providing expert assistance to assess your refund eligibility and maximize your German pension refund payout.

By partnering with Fundsback, you can navigate the intricacies of a German pension and claim your German pension refund without having to deal with the authorities like the German pension fund (Deutsche Rentenversicherung) yourself. 

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