German Pension Refund for New Zealanders

For Kiwis who have worked in Germany, understanding how to secure a pension refund is crucial. Your contributions to the German pension system represent an important part of the country’s social security network. Yet, the prospect of retrieving these contributions and comprehending the specific prerequisites for New Zealanders can seem overwhelming.

If you’re considering applying for a refund of your German pension contributions, this guide is designed to provide clear and helpful insights. It seeks to equip you with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions regarding your financial future after leaving Germany.

Pension Refund Germany

German Pension Refund Eligibility for New Zealand nationals

As a national of New Zealand who is living and working in Germany, you contribute approximately 9% of your monthly taxable income to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, which is the official pension insurance system in Germany. It’s vital to understand that this contribution is a shared responsibility, with your employer matching your payments into the social security system.

So, what becomes of these contributions after your employment in Germany ends? Can they be reclaimed?

As New Zealand does not have a bilateral social security agreement with Germany, you cannot contribute voluntarily to the German Pension system, except if you live in the EU/UK.

Understanding the procedure for claiming a refund of your German pension contributions is key as you plan for your future post-Germany. As a Kiwi, you may be eligible for a refund, provided you fulfill certain conditions.

Pension Refund for Kiwis

Pension Refund Eligibility: General Criteria

When you leave Germany, you generally become eligible for a refund of your German pension contributions if:

a) you are ineligible to make voluntary contributions to the German pension system (voluntary insurance/freiwillige Versicherung) from your new place of residence.


b) at least 24 months have passed since your most recent contribution to Germany’s statutory pension scheme.

The option to make voluntary insurance payments (a) depends on the social security agreement between Germany and your home country.

Typically, you do not qualify for a refund of your German Pension contributions if:

a) You are eligible for pension benefits or are already receiving a retirement pension from Germany.

b) You can make statutory pension contributions or are covered by compulsory insurance in Germany.

c) You have the opportunity to make voluntary contributions to the German pension scheme (freiwillige Versicherung).

In short: The eligibility for German Pension Refund for Kiwis

As a citizen of New Zealand, you are generally eligible for a refund of your German pension contributions if you live outside the EU/UK and at least 24 months have elapsed since your most recent pension contribution in Germany.

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Social Security Agreements: EU/UK Residence

There are no bilateral social security agreements between Germany and New Zealand that govern how social security benefits are exchanged between the two countries. For this reason, your ability to voluntarily contribute to the German Pension system depends on your new country of residence.

If your new residence is in the EU or the UK, you can continue making contributions to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung to qualify for a German pension (freiwillige Versicherung). You can find all social security agreements between the EU member states here.

This means, that if you live in the EU/UK, you’re not eligible for a pension refund because you qualify for a German pension.

However, if you don’t meet the pension eligibility criteria and live outside the EU or UK, you are very likely to be eligible for a pension refund after 24 months from your last contribution.

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