German Pension Refund for Egyptians

For Egyptians who have worked in Germany, figuring out how to get a pension refund is key. While your contributions to the German pension system are a vital part of their social security, the process to recover these funds and understanding the requirements specific to Egyptians might seem complicated.

This guide is here to simplify things. If you’re thinking about applying for a refund of your German pension contributions, we aim to provide you with clear and practical information. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your financial future once you leave Germany.

Pension Refund Germany

German Pension Refund Eligibility for Egyptian nationals

As an Egyptian working in Germany, you contribute roughly 9% of your monthly taxable income to Deutsche Rentenversicherung, the official German pension insurance system. This amount is matched by your employer, underscoring a joint contribution to the social security system.

What happens to these contributions if you leave your job in Germany? Can you get them back?

Due to the lack of a bilateral social security agreement between Egypt and Germany, you cannot voluntarily contribute to the German pension system unless you are residing in the EU/UK.

Knowing how to apply for a refund of your German pension contributions is important as you plan for life after Germany. As an Egyptian, you may qualify for a refund under certain conditions.

Leaving Germany with Fundsback

Pension Refund Eligibility: General Criteria

When you leave Germany, you can usually get a refund of your German pension contributions if:

a) You cannot continue making voluntary contributions to the German pension system (freiwillige Versicherung) from your new place of residence.


b) At least 24 months have passed since your last payment into Germany’s statutory pension scheme.

The ability to make voluntary insurance payments (a) depends on the social security agreement between Germany and your home country.

You typically won’t qualify for a refund of your German pension contributions if:

a) You are eligible for, or already receiving, pension benefits from Germany.

b) You continue to make mandatory pension contributions or are covered by compulsory insurance in Germany.

c) You have the option to make voluntary contributions to the German pension scheme.

In short: The eligibility for German Pension Refund for Egyptians

As an Egyptian citizen, you are generally eligible for a refund of your German pension contributions if you reside outside the EU/UK and at least 24 months have passed since your last pension contribution in Germany.

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Social Security Agreements: Residency in the EU/UK

Germany and Egypt do not have a bilateral social security agreement that facilitates the transfer of social security benefits between the two nations. Therefore, your ability to make voluntary contributions to the German Pension system is contingent on where you live.

If you reside within the EU or the UK, you are allowed to continue making contributions to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung to qualify for a German pension (freiwillige Versicherung). Information about all social security agreements between EU member states is available online here.

As a result, living in the EU/UK means you are not eligible for a German pension refund because you qualify for a German pension.

On the other hand, if you live outside the EU or UK and do not meet the pension eligibility criteria, you are likely eligible for a pension refund 24 months after your last contribution.

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