Are Russian Citizen’s eligible for German Pension Refund?

Being a Russian citizen who has worked in Germany, it’s crucial to grasp the nuances of pension refund eligibility. Your contributions to the German pension scheme hold substantial importance within the country’s social security system. However, navigating the process of claiming a refund and understanding the specific conditions under which Russian citizens qualify can be intricate and overwhelming.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of German pension refund eligibility for individuals hailing from the Russian Federation.

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German Pension Refund Eligibility for Russian Citizens

As a Russian citizen residing and working in Germany, a portion of your monthly taxable income—approximately 9%—is allocated directly to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Germany’s statutory pension insurance. It’s important to recognize that these contributions are not solely borne by you; your employer also contributes to your social security benefits.

However, when you reach the conclusion of your employment in Germany and plan to relocate, you may wonder about the fate of these contributions. Is it possible to retrieve them?

The reimbursement of pension contributions from the German Pension Insurance is regulated by the German Social Security Code (§210 SGB VI). Given that the Russian Federation is among the so-called non-contracting states and lacks a bilateral social security agreement with Germany, distinct rules and regulations govern social security matters—including pension entitlements.

Now, as you contemplate your post-employment options in Germany, grasping the process and criteria for claiming a German pension refund is vital. As a Russian citizen, you might qualify for a refund of your pension contributions under specific conditions.

Pension Refund eligibility for Russian citizens

General Eligibility Criteria for German Pension Refund:

If you decide to leave Germany permanently, you are generally entitled to a German pension refund if...

a) You cannot continue paying German pension contributions (voluntary insurance/ freiwillige Versicherung) where you currently live


b) A minimum of 24 months has passed since your last statutory pension contribution payment in Germany.

Whether you are allowed to pay voluntary insurance (a) depends on the social security agreement with your home and residence country.

You are generally not entitled if

a) You qualify for pension benefits or are receiving a German retirement pension

b) You are (still) paying statutory pension contributions or are liable for compulsory insurance in Germany

c) You are allowed to voluntarily contribute to the German pension scheme (freiwillige Versicherung)

Rule of thumb for the eligibility for German pension refund for citizens of the Russian Federation:

For Russian citizens, eligibility to make voluntary contributions to the German pension insurance system hinges on their country of residence. Residents of the EU or other contracting states retain the right to make voluntary contributions to the German pension system. Consequently, as a Russian citizen, you are only eligible for a German pension refund upon relocating to a non-contracting state.

Pension Refund Payout

Intergovernmental Social Security Agreements and their Implications for your German Pension Refund

The bilateral social security agreements between Germany and its contracting states dictate eligibility for a German retirement pension after 60 months of paid contributions.

Under these agreements, individuals residing in the EEA or the UK can continue making voluntary contributions to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung to maintain eligibility for a statutory pension in Germany.

Therefore, if you reside in the EU/UK or have contributed to the German pension scheme for at least 60 months, you are not eligible for a pension refund.

If you have not qualified for a pension and live outside the EU or UK, you may be eligible for a pension refund 24 months after your last contribution.

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