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Pension Refund Process:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions here. If you have a specific question about your case that is not answered in this FAQ, please feel free to contact us.

How is the reimbursement amount calculated?

You can claim the contributions you made while you worked in Germany. Those were 9,3% of your monthly gross salary since 2018. Between 1994 and 2017, the percentage ranged between 9,35% and 10,15%.

Important Note: An assessment threshold (Beitragsbemessungsgrenze – values below “Allgemeine Rentenversicherung”) caps the maximum income as the basis for the contribution calculation. The cap varies between Eastern (89.400 euros in 2024) and Western (90.600 euros in 2024) German states. This means if you earned more, you contributed a maximum of 9,3% of the threshold and not of your actual salary. Hence, you can also only get back what you contributed.

We have also already deducted our fees from our offer.

Fees & Pricing

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the refund amount (9,9%). There is a minimum fee of € 899,00 and a maximum fee of € 2.899,00 i.e. from a refund amount of € 29.282,83, the fee is no more than € 2.899,00.

Our fees include the following services and items:

  1. fees of the commissioned – external lawyer – according to No. 2302 VV RVG, whereby the average fee is currently € 414,00 (net) plus a lump sum for expenses (€ 20,00).
  2. fees for issuing the certificate of residence and nationality via our partner notary.
  3. fee of Fundsback for the administration of the process and customer support, including technical infrastructure and overheads such as accounting, etc.
  4. Bank charges – insofar as they are levied by our bank for the transaction (regularly over € 20,00 in international banking transactions).
  5. research work on the current legal situation
  6. Partner commissions – if the inquiry was made via an affiliate.
  7. any shipping costs for one-time express shipping (UPS, etc.)

Where can I go to verify my residency and nationality?

To verify your residence and nationality for the Deutsche Rentenversicherung process, you need to use the form we have sent you. The form can be certified by the following entities:

  • Public notary (recommended)
  • Authorities of your country of residence
  • Banks/Institutions
  • Red Cross/Hospitals
  • German embassy/consulate

Do I have to pay tax on the reimbursement of my pension insurance contributions?

According to a ruling by the Düsseldorf tax court, refunds from statutory pension insurance are to be treated as tax-free income and do not constitute negative extraordinary expenses. You can find information on the judgment with an assessment here (in German). We are not permitted to provide tax advice.

§ 210 Abs. 1a SGB VI gem. § 3 Nr. 3 b) EStG
Source: FG Düsseldorf, Urteil v. 22.11.2018, 14 K 1629/18 E

A tax advisor should be consulted for further details or the individual situation abroad.

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